A Ladies Touch

We are all seeking experiences with someone who is a sane and rational, a trustworthy individual that respects the value of privacy and discretion. With me, you will find all the benefits of a professional quality & skilled sensual body rub, combined with soothing, sensual-erotic components. You will be adored from head to toe as I tantalize and tease your body in a variety of sensations. My strong, skilled hands, my sexy, womanly body and my creative techniques all work harmoniously to bring you to a state of physical and mental peace and bliss. We will take the time to get to know each other. I will make you feel comfortable and make sure you feel at ease of my genuinely welcoming personality. You will not feel like a stranger when in my company, but rather, I will guide you and encourage you to relax, open up and let go while focusing on receiving. You will never feel rushed and will always be treated with an enormous amount of care and respect. My persona and the way I conduct myself won't leave you feeling uncomfortable or awkward!

I have a very calculated, unique approach to this type of body care. I understand how appealing it is for you to experience a safe, private, competent and intensely pleasurable sensual session. Because I enjoy what I do and I enjoy creating new ways of delivering a customized experience to each individual, you will reap the rewards of that passion.

I would like to share a little about myself, so that you can feel comfortable with us sharing some mutual time together. I know that the unknown can be a little exciting, but too much of a mystery with meeting someone new can make it a little too stressful. So, allow me to introduce myself.

Please let me explain why I think I might be a good companion for you
You will find that I am a very down to earth, warmhearted, assertive, considerate, engaging and flirty. More importantly, unlike many others in this arena, I do not try to pass myself off as something I'm not. I am a very real, genuine woman with a sexy, sensual persona with an approachable quality & do not need to "be" anything other than myself. Nothing beats true confidence! I want you to be the yourself with me. 

Youthful in both appearance and spirit, I am a 35 year old college educated woman. I am a firm believer in balance and harmony (hence why I do not work nights or weekends). I am very well traveled, speak multiple languages, enjoy yoga, hiking, running, love camping and nothing makes me feel more at peace than the smell of the fresh forest in outback camping and the sounds of nature over lapped with the sounds of the water in the background splashing against the shore. I am very attractive, energetic, confident, poised, articulate and clean, with a contagious positive energy! I have beautiful blue eyes and at 5'7", 150lbs, natural C breasts, some may say I have a sexy body with a soft build; I carry myself well.  However you choose to reference a particular body type, I can assure you I am very easy on the eyes and take special care of myself (I almost always eat home cooked meals and work out daily). I do not smoke, drink or do drugs and I expect the same from you during our time together!


What to Expect

A consistently wonderful, clean, safe and professional body care experience! Slow, rhythmic, sometimes hypnotic touch that will both soothe and excite you! You will have a difficult time deciding which sensation you enjoy more but you will definitely not want it to end! When you arrive, we can take some time to chat and discuss any questions you may have. I want us to take a few minutes to get acquainted; this will help us to become more connected as we go forward.

About My Sensual Full Body Rubs
With me, you will find all the benefits of a quality & skilled sensual body rub, combined with soothing, sensual-erotic components. You will be adored from head to toe as I tantalize and tease your body in a variety of sensations...a momentary escape for you from life's stresses!

​Do you like to have your back scratched? EVERYONE DOES! But have you ever had 100% of your entire body scratched? It is an altogether satisfying event! And have you ever had 100% of your entire body lovingly caressed with touches that are as light as a feather? The sensation will send you into an erotic orbit of pleasure all by itself. That sets up the MAIN EVENT.

I know that you have your own special way of pleasing yourself and you would receive the greatest pleasure if I imitated that way precisely. So I will ask you questions! If you only use your right hand, you will want me to only use my right hand – and my right hand must come from the same direction and location as your own right hand would be coming. If you use upward motions, you will want me to use upward motions! If you use a twisting motion, you will want me to use a twisting motion.

Every man has his own special way of pleasing himself. Every woman has her own special way of pleasing herself. Every one does. It is the same between you and I: an exchange of information is the best way to get THE GRAND FINALE done the way you want THE GRAND FINALE to get done.

I love the fabulous excitement of going to watch fireworks. And of course the highlight is always THE GRAND FINALE. The explosions are so powerful they rock the ground! But seeing THE GRAND FINALE all by itself without the events that lead up to it would not be the same. Even with fireworks, the events that lead up to THE GRAND FINALE are what make THE GRAND FINALE even better!


Would you like to take a shower? Maybe a few minutes on the couch to unwind and digest just what happened to you

Maybe you want to take things a bit further? I offer a sensual body rub PLUS the intimate extras. The intimate extras include anything more than an ending that is happy and that two safe and consenting adults partake in from time to time. I do not offer Greek or Full Service. YMMV!!!


Maybe you want a 4 Hand Body Rub? I offer sessions with local female providers. Please email me for more info!

Have you ever wanted to have an experience with a man? Maybe you've wondered what giving a bj was like? Maybe you want to watch a live sex show! OR MAYBE, you want to offer an erotic body rub as a gift to your beautiful wife! I offer duo sessions with a local male provider. He is well endowed and keeps himself in shape! Please email for more info or visit our site,

If you think along similar lines, please drop a detailed note to me and tell me a little about yourself and the session you desire!

Please note, any information shared for booking/screening purposes will be deleted or properly disposed of after our meeting to ensure discretion is maintained! In the unfortunate event we never book a date, all information will be deleted and you will have to fill out the contact form again.


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