covid-19 update

I am fully vaccinated.


For those of you who are interested, I am now offering video and phone sessions. Please email/text or check out my donation page for more information. 

I'm being VERY cautious as to who I meet in person going forward. The following is what I'm sending everyone: 

-Nobody from out of town unless you've had the vaccination.


-Nobody who has traveled internationally, domestically or to any of the hotspots in the past 2 weeks (please don't lie).


-Nobody who has been exposed or possibly exposed to anyone with the virus within the last 2 weeks.


-No kissing.


-No hugging/touching until you've washed your hands and face.  

-You MUST Shower upon arrival, if you didn't do so before arriving.


-Please don't come if you're sneezing, coughing or showing any other signs of being sick. I will end the session immediately.

I do have a thermometer on hand if you would like to have our temperatures checked before we move forward in a session. 

To caveat all of this, I'm bleaching the bathroom and bedroom upon finishing each session and I'm also changing the sheets after every session (both of which I've always done).



Please be kind and respect my rules.