E.d. happens



We live in the real world...ED Happens

I am a mature woman who lives in the real world. In the real world, things are not as perfect as we would like them to be. In the real world, gentlemen sometimes have issues that prevent them from having as much fun as they would like to have, gentlemen have issues that diminish their performances. As men age, challenges may arise.

May I ask why you have been challenged?

I have given these challenges a lot of thought and a lot of research. It is easy to go to Google and type in the key words. Many articles appear, many from distinguished medical associations, journals, and organizations. The volume and the knowledge is very impressive. Of course, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that the cure is in a magic pill or potion.

I have my own ideas. I believe that sometimes the cure is in a woman's loving touch! I know the leading causes: diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, emotional issues, stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications (esp. antidepressants, pain medicines, high blood pressure medicines, etc.), non-prescription drugs, fatigue, neurological or spinal-cord injuries, hypogonadism, low testosterone levels, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, radiation therapy, stroke, surgery or problems, bladder surgery, disease, injury, “any disorder that causes injury to the nerves or impairs blood flow in the penis”, etc.


I like the first article that pops up:



Personally, I believe that having a non-helpful spouse or one that doesn't fully understand this topic, should be listed along with the above medically-stated causes!!

So many gentlemen with performance issues have visited me that I have decided to provide myself with a thorough understanding of the causes and the cures, so that when someone with an issue visits me I will already know what to do!!

Of course, YOU are the starting point. When you come to visit me, YOU should do a little research and perform a little thinking yourself. Try to discover possible reasons. If prescription medications are the likely cause, ask you doctor if you can delay your daily medications until AFTER you visit me that day. Do not use ANY alcohol for 48 hours BEFORE visiting me. Do not smoke until AFTER you visit me that day.

Once you arrive at my door, I’ll take over. I know that making fun has more than one component. From my viewpoint, there are two main components: the emotional and the physical.

From a medical viewpoint, “[Enlargement] begins with sensory or mental stimulation, or both. Impulses from the neurological center and local nerves cause the muscles of the corpora cavernose to relax, allowing blood to flow in and fill the spaces. The blood creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, making the [you know what to] expand. The tunica albuginea helps trap the blood in the corpora cavernosa, thereby sustaining [the enlargement]. When muscles in the [you know what] contract to stop the inflow of blood and open outflow channels, [the enlargement] is reversed.”http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/erectiledysfunction.html].

I can not cure physical problems. But I can usually treat the main symptom -- the performance issue -- to the point of satisfaction!! I can do that through a combination of emotional responses combined with physical adjustments. I’ll explain what I do below.

It would be very possible for a man of 18 -- you when you were 18 perhaps -- to walk down a street, see a gorgeous woman with a beautiful face and a perfect figure -- and if asked by her to step into her house and make her wildly, passionately satisfied be able to do so within a few seconds!!! men have no problem needing emotional excitement to generate physical enlargement and performance!! But older men are a bit different. Older men often need an emotional component as well as the physical attraction -- and time!! A man can jump into the sack on a moment's notice and perform with Olympic heroics; an older man often needs emotional attraction AND more time.

Would I believe that you could walk through my door, take one look at me, get an immediate enlargement and be finished within 2 minutes? NO WAY!!

Instead, consider this scenario. We set up a time to meet at my place. You are excited; you bring chocolates and roses! We sit and talk for a few minutes to get to know each other, but just as important you have an opportunity to take notice of my large cleavage. You sneak peeks when you think I'm not looking. You get fantasies in your mind.

We sit on the sofa and we do what you probably did as a man -- make out!! Yes, you can group, fondle, explore. That is a key to success that will follow later!

When the time is right, you lie down on your back. I'll give you about an hour and a half of tender, loving body rubs. Then I'll take notice of the last frontier!! Perhaps a quarter hour or a hour of paying attention there!! But not with direct touches – but rather, with touches nearby that are near-misses.

With this much emotional and physical stimulation, he should rise to life. If the emotional and physical stimulation don't cause him to rise to life, then several different tactics must be employed. We'll have to elevate our efforts to the next level(s). A bit like fighting a battle!! One level may be stimulation of the part inside the male body, the one that causes such troubles for gentlemen, the one most likely to develop cancer. Just look at the drawing in the article cited above and you’ll know which part I mean. More levels may be needed. But I'll save the details of those until later.

My view is rather simple: view this as a major conquest, just as you did when you were a man. You have seduced women before. You had the right stuff. The key now is to act like the man you once were -- go back and have that romance, that seduction, that conquest. the way you made love as a man.

Do not visit me if you are in a hurry. That will never work for you. It does not work for other men who have gained a few years. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME EITHER!

Time is one key ingredient. An emotional attraction is a second key ingredient. A physical attraction is a third key ingredient. And sensory stimulation -- gentle lighting by candlelight; soft romantic music; good food; pleasant fragrances on me and in the room; soft, delicate touches of soft skin on skin -- is a fourth key ingredient. I provide all of those!

I would suggest that we make a long afternoon or evening of our time together. If you are having a challenge, let’s beat it. Let’s give the absolute best attempt possible! In my view, I’m thinking about 3 hours. You are old enough to remember when you spent that many hours on a major conquest as a man! In the old days, the recipe was similar: take a lady to a nice dinner, then a movie (perhaps a double feature!], then walk her home [and hope for an invitation inside].

I have faced similar challenges in the past. I understand the nature of the challenge and I think I have developed a comprehensive battle plan. I am a fully ready, willing and able partner!

When you are ready to tackle this challenge with me, write to me to tell me when a good day would be or call me. Because our time together is likely to extend for a long period, you should call me a few days in advance. Clear your calendar and I'll clear mine!